About Cadolia

Cadolia is inspired by our desire to live a sustainably beautiful lifestyle, comprised of conscious and purposeful choices. We hope to make your life easier and more beautiful, keeping things natural and sustainable, while maintaining an effortless aesthetic. From house and home to apparel, we strive for simplicity in all things for one reason: to make life easier - a beautiful, effortless life that keeps in touch with nature while living in a modern, ever-changing world. 

Founded in 2019, Cadolia [cah-doh-lee-ah] was created by two women who wanted to make their own lives easier. Amanda Dishaw and Christine Ross realized that women everywhere could benefit from products that simply made life easier, but still looked beautiful in the process. From ultra-comfortable sweatshirts that create a pulled-together look, to elegant candles that you can burn without worrying about toxic chemicals, we're working to create a lifestyle brand that you can trust, to make shopping decisions easy, and beautiful. 

We are owned and operated by Effervescence Media Group. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please e-mail us at info@shopcadolia.com. For business enquiries, please contact office@effervescencegroup.com.